Junky Car Club

I love what this guy is up to….

The Junky Car Club

But with an 11 year old AWD Volvo station wagon, I’m not sure that I have many changes I can make right now (Full disclosure: due to excessive clanging noises I had to have the drive shaft removed, so it is not actually a four wheeler any more; now the front two are pulling all the weight).

At any rate, I look forward to the day the Volvo dies so that I can buy another clunker and feel even more a part of the junky car club!

Post Script: I also have an 11 year old Jetta that’s sitting in my mechanic friend’s driveway. It won’t start, but after about $2,000 worth of repairs it might be resurrected. Again, not sure that I can go much lower…

AWD converted to front wheels only (similar to circumcision)

Looks alright, but won't budge an inch

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