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Junky Car Club

I love what this guy is up to….

The Junky Car Club

But with an 11 year old AWD Volvo station wagon, I’m not sure that I have many changes I can make right now (Full disclosure: due to excessive clanging noises I had to have the drive shaft removed, so it is not actually a four wheeler any more; now the front two are pulling all the weight).

At any rate, I look forward to the day the Volvo dies so that I can buy another clunker and feel even more a part of the junky car club!

Post Script: I also have an 11 year old Jetta that’s sitting in my mechanic friend’s driveway. It won’t start, but after about $2,000 worth of repairs it might be resurrected. Again, not sure that I can go much lower…

AWD converted to front wheels only (similar to circumcision)

Looks alright, but won't budge an inch

The Church’s Marriage Inheritance

Weaknesses do not debar us from mercy; rather they incline God to us the more (Psa. 78:39). Mercy is a part of the church’s marriage inheritance. Christ betroths her to him ‘in mercy’ (Hos. 2:19). The husband is bound to bear with the wife, as being the ‘weaker vessel’ (1 Peter 3:7), and shall we think Christ will exempt himself from his own rule, and not bear with his weak spouse?

If Christ should not be merciful to our weaknesses, he should not have a people to serve him. Suppose therefore we are very weak, yet so long as we are not found amongst malicious opposers and underminers of God’s truth, let us not give way to despairing thoughts; we have a merciful Saviour.

 – Richard Sibbes, The Bruised Reed (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 2008), 58.